Importing a car or motorcycle into Denmark

Danish law stipulates that when importing a car or motorcycle that is registered in a country outside of Denmark, the car must be re-registered:

– within 14 days of arrival if the owner takes up residence in Denmark, or
– within 14 days of the owner obtaining a personal identification number (CPR-number).

Danish registration taxes must be paid and the vehicle must be registered with Danish License Plates.

QuickImport is authorized by the Danish authorities to calculate and collect Danish Registration Taxes and is certified to help you complete the entire process in one day and bypass the sometimes lengthy process involving the Danish Tax Authorities.

1. Calculation of the Registration Tax

If you are considering importing a vehicle into Denmark and you would like to know the Registration Tax in advance of making your decision, you have the option of buying a binding pre-calculation of the Registration Tax here.

If the decision to import the vehicle has already been made, your first step is to take the vehicle for a customs inspection (Toldsyn) at an official car inspection centre (Synshal). Go to the next step.

2. Customs inspection

When first arriving in Denmark with your vehicle, you need to take your car or motorcycle to one of the official certified car inspection partners to perform a customs inspection. See an overview of our car inspection partners.

Following the customs inspection, you are required to buy a calculation of the registration tax via QuickImport here. This starts the registration process of the vehicle by QuickImport and you will receive a calculation of the registration tax within 24 hours.

3. Registration Tax

Within one working day, you will receive (via email) a calculation of the registration tax and instructions on how to settle your payment. Unlike a calculation from the Danish authorities, a calculation from QuickImport is not binding and you are not obliged to accept it.

Following the payment, you will receive a confirmation that the payment has been received and that the vehicle is ready for registration with the Danish License Plates.

4. Danish License Plates

Immediately upon verifying your payment, QuickImport will release the vehicle for registration and Danish License Plates. You will be able to pick up license plates at the car inspection site (within the opening hours of that specific car inspection site).

When registering the vehicle, it is important that you bring the original registration certificate of the vehicle.

How is the Danish registration tax calculated?

The calculation of the registration tax takes the vehicle’s statistical market price as its point of reference. The statistical market price is found by looking at dealer prices for comparable vehicles in the Danish market. The final calculation also takes into account other factors such as the condition of the vehicle (evaluated at the customs inspection), safety equipment, mileage, and extra equipment.

Vehicles that we cannot calculate

Under special circumstances, QuickImport may reserve the option to not issue a calculation. Such circumstances involve special editions and rare vehicles as there may be insufficient market data to calculate the market price.

Our Prices

We charge DKK 299 incl. VAT for a non-binding calculation of the registration tax for conventional cars (non electric cars, including plugin-hybrids) and 149 incl. VAT for electric cars. If you choose to register the vehicle through QuickImport, we charge DKK 2.000 kr. incl. VAT if the registration tax is below DKK 15.000. If the registration tax is between DKK 15.000 and DKK 50.000, we charge DKK 3.000 incl. VAT. If the registration tax is between DKK 50.000 and DKK 250.000, we charge DKK 5.000 incl. VAT. If the registration tax is above DKK 250.000, we charge 2% of the registration tax incl. VAT.

In addition to the fees, the registration tax and license plates (1.430 kr. incl. VAT for a pair) must be paid.

Cars up to 3500 kg  Our fee under DKK 15.000  DKK 2.000 DKK 15.000-50.000  DKK 3.000 DKK 50.000 to 250.000  DKK 5.000 above 250.000 kr.  Kr. 2% of the
Motorcycles  Our fees under DKK 15.000  DKK 2.000 above DKK 15.000  DKK 3.000

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